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MINT operates its retail trading and contract manufacturing business through Minor Corporation Pcl., the group's consumer lifestyle company. Minor Corporation is a leading distributor of international lifestyle consumer brands in Thailand focusing primarily on fashion, lifestyle, and household products through retail, wholesale and direct marketing channels. These brands can be divided into the following categories:

Fashion Apparel

Esprit is an international youth lifestyle brand offering smart, affordable luxury and bringing newness and style to life. The merchandise includes fashion apparel, shoes, and belts for ladies, men and children.
Banana Republic brings a fresh twist on classic apparel to men and women around the world. Its promise is to be the "True Outfitters of Modern American Style" which will enable its customers to live their True Style. True Style is more than what you wear. It reflects how you live, how you choose to navigate your life, and how you show up.
Gap, an iconic retail brand, offers modern interpretations of versatile, cool and sexy American style. Clean, classic clothing and accessories help customers express their individual sense of style.
bossini originated in Hong Kong and is a widely-recognized casual wear brand renowned for its comfortable, colorful, energetic and easy to mix-and-match style. bossini offers good value for money across a full range of casual wear products for ladies, men, kids, babies and youth, which are designed to fit our customers' needs.
Charles & Keith, the eponymous fashionable shoe brand was launched in Singapore in 1996. The brand offers remarkable high street ladies' fashion shoes and accessories, and is recognized as one of the most marketable fashion footwear brands in today's international shoe market.
Pedro embodies modern luxury and style with a line of footwear and accessories in a smart twist of timeless classics with international influence for men and women, with emphasis on channelling heightened fashion acumen each season.
Brooks Brothers, founded in 1818, truly reflects American style with fashion-forward mindset in men's, women's, children's apparel and accessories. Brooks Brothers has then become an institution that shaped the American style of dress through fashion innovation, fine quality, personal service, and exceptional value. The brand has had the honor of dressing almost every President of the United States, including Abraham Lincoln, JFK, and Barack Obama. It also holds many legacies, amongst them is being the first to apply 'button-down collars', inspired by English polo players to dressed shirts.
OVS is Italy’s no.1 fast fashion brand, offering the freedom to dress with Italian style, every day and at the best possible prices. OVS’s products are well-known for their distinctive style, continuous renewal and attention to quality.
ETAM, the first lingerie brand from France, offers elegant, exquisite and beautiful underwear products. Etam inspires and captures the effortlessly sexy spirit French women are known for. Experiencing Etam intimates is a dose of beauty therapy. It is a way of life - chic, effortless and modern.
anello, a lifestyle bag brand from Japan, is well-loved for its Japanese design and quality material. Featuring a roomy main compartment and various side pockets, anello bag is highly functional and suits all purposes. With its stylish, lightweight and alluring appearance, it can match your lifestyle and style easily.
RADLEY is a London-born design company offering crafting handbags and accessories for women who are continuously inspired by life. RADLEY products blend color, character and functionality to create collections that are distinctive in style and classic in quality and finish.


Zwilling Henckels is a modern company which produces knives, cookware and kitchen gadgets. In its 270-year history, it has always used innovative technology and services to manufacture products of the highest quality.
Bodum is a coffee press maker and kitchenware brand from Copenhagen, Denmark. Bodum offers high quality coffee and tea solutions and household accessories. Bodum innovates to create great designs at affordable prices based on guiding principle that form follows functionality.
Joseph Joseph, originally set up in 2003, is an English houseware manufacturer famous for its design-led products. Joseph Joseph's ability to blend innovative design, contemporary style and distinctive use of color is unique within the industry. Joseph Joseph focuses on the whole user experience, creating products that work beautifully and are a pleasure to have around the home.
MINT distributes children's books and encyclopedias under the brands ETL Learning via direct sales throughout Thailand.

Contract Manufacturing

In addition to its substantial retail operations, Minor Corporation is also one of the country's largest contract manufacturers of household and personal care products through NMT Ltd. NMT manufactures acid-based fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) such as mouth rinse, baby wipes, fabric softeners and air fresheners on behalf of the world's leading consumer product companies such as SC Johnson, Unilever, Colgate, Johnson & Johnson, and Lion. The manufacturing facility in Pathumthani province currently has a maximum capacity of approximately 100,000 tons per annum.


Bemynt is MINT’s own e-commerce platform, offering the most exclusive inventory specifically tailored for all trendsetting online shoppers. Bymynt provides seamless online shopping experience with premium fashion and high-quality lifestyle brands, reliable warranty and secured payment options.
Extract from Annual Report 2017

Domestic consumer sentiment showed a mixed trend in the first half of 2017. Consumer confidence index (CCI), as reported by the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC) increased in the first quarter, but declined in the second quarter of the year. In the second half of 2017, the CCI improved for five consecutive months to the highest point of the year of 79.2 in December. The improvement was attributable to the recovery of exports and tourism, the country’s emergence from the national mourning period, the stability of the political environment, together with the government subsidies in the effort to improve the economy. Nevertheless, the CCI has not fully recovered as consumers were cautious of the recovery of the economy, coupled with the continued concerns of the weak agricultural prices, and therefore are not willing to spend.

In Thailand, retail market is still lagging the broader global trend, where online market is a threat to the survival of large shopping malls. Many operators and developers are still looking to expand branches or stores in high potential locations around the country. However, more and more retail space are being allocated to F&B outlets and sports products and services. In terms of competition, the mega fashion retailers continue to benefit from economies of scale, which allow them to have very competitive pricing and customer service, as well as bargaining power over manufacturers and landlords. Furthermore, as retailers are concerned about the online and mobile shopping, many are developing their own online platform, including mobile applications, as well as enhancing the ambiance of their brick-and-mortar stores in parallel in order to support the online-to-offline strategies.