Minor International Public Company Limited

Good corporate governance and responsible business culture is one of Minor’s strategic sustainability enablers. We are cognizant that having good governance and conducting business responsibly are critical factors in achieving long-term sustainable growth objectives and creating trust and confidence among our stakeholders.

We build a strong platform for sustainable organization by embedding effective risk management, cyber security, and data protection and practicing good corporate governance in all business operations. We also have several internal and external grievance mechanisms to receive feedbacks and/or complaints.

Corporate Governance

Minor nurtures good corporate governance by considering stakeholders’ interests while putting in place governance structure, rules, guidelines, and practices to ensure the transparency of our organization.

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Risk Management

The company implements effective risk management practices and has appointed the Risk Management Oversight Committee and Executive Risk Management Steering Committee to assist the board in its oversight of the company’s management of key risks, including strategic, operational, and emerging risks such as climate change risks. It is also responsible for the development of guidelines, policies, and process for monitoring and mitigating such risks.

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Cybersecurity and Data Protection

Minor acknowledges risks and opportunities from the utilizing online platforms in communicating, engaging, and offering products to our customers and other stakeholders. We are committed to protect our cybersecurity and customers’ personal information and privacy, as well as to respect their rights to information. Compliances to related regulations and requirements are strictly enforced.

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Ethics and Integrity

Minor requires our employees and business partners to acknowledge Team Members Code of Conduct and Business Partners Code of Conduct to assure they act in accordance with the company’s ethics, human and labor rights, occupational health and safety, and environmental practices and compliances with relevant legal regulations. The company is also committed to warranting anti-corruption and human rights practices. Our employees undergo and acknowledge online anti-corruption training annually. Furthermore, after human rights due diligence undertaken in 2019, we continue to conduct annual monitoring and mitigation of potential issues via several communication channels

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Grievance Mechanism

We have several internal and external grievance mechanisms to receive feedbacks and/or complaints. Our Whistle-blower Policy encourages anyone who works on the company’s behalf and other stakeholders to communicate concerns regarding ethics and wrongdoings within the company without fear of reprisal or retaliation. Suspected integrity violations or complaints are addressed to the Whistle-blower Committee for examination and investigation. Importantly, the policy stipulates that employee who reports unethical practices is protected.

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