Minor International Public Company Limited

People Development is one of Minor's Core Values and our main sustainability pillars. As a responsible employer, we are committed to provide safe and healthy working environment and promote well-being among over 66,000 employees in 63 countries worldwide.

We continue the provision of personal and professional development through educational and career enhancement for our workforce, talents, and leaders and strive to foster socially responsible mindsets. Minor also invests in our community through various programs to support children, youth, and underprivileged community members. Minor undertakes a 3-tier Human Capital Development Approach to enhance people's capabilities within our sphere of influence: Developing Grassroots, Workforce, and Talents and Leaders.

Talents & Leaders

Minor strives to groom our talents and leaders to be visionary, agile, adaptive to changes, and able to empathize with our stakeholders. Minor deploys multiple approaches for learning and development, from e-learning to workshops, and most importantly experience-based learnings.

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Minor pledges to be a responsible employer and employer of choice. To achieve this ultimate goal, we have introduced several initiatives. On personal and professional development, we continue to provide different forms of learning and development for our workforce, talents, and leaders to ensure our pipeline is fulfilled with skilled and capable resources, who are also capable of creating positive social and environmental impacts.

In response to the established Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) and Well-being Framework, in 2020, we built a holistic "More You" program, championed by well-being committee comprising human resources teams from all business groups. We provide safe and healthy working environment in accordance with relevant legal regulations to create good workplace and enhance productivity. In addition, we promote well-being initiatives that focus on employees' strong body & mind, support for family and society, and encouragement of financial disciplines.

We believe that it is our duty to create an environment where our employees can deliver their best performance, develop their capabilities, and grow their careers.

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The company continuously invests in educational, well-being, and career support for children, youth, and underprivileged community members through community investment and commercial initiatives in alignment with Business for Societal Impact (B4SI).

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Social Responsibility

Minor believes that one of the keys to achieving sustainability is being socially responsible. We also promote "social responsible mindset" among our people and peers by encouraging our business units globally to undertake social responsibility activities to address issues in the society where we operate and support company's sustainability priority.

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