Minor International Public Company Limited

People Development is one of Minor's Core Values and our main sustainability pillars. As a responsible employer, we are committed to provide safe and healthy working environment and promote well-being among over 64,000 employees in 63 countries worldwide.

We continue the provision of personal and professional development through educational and career enhancement for our workforce, talents, and leaders and strive to foster socially responsible mindsets. Minor also invests in our community through various programs to support children, youth, and underprivileged community members.

Minor undertakes a 3-tier Human Capital Development Approach to enhance people's capabilities within our sphere of influence: Developing Grassroots, Workforce, and Talents & Leaders.

Talents & Leaders

Minor believes the company’s success depends largely on our human capital. We focus on grooming high-potential talents and leaders to be visionary, resilient, agile, and adaptive to changes and able to empathize with our stakeholders. Identifying and developing capable leaders will build foundation for the company to navigate through changes and unforeseen situations in the best possible manners.

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“People Development” is one of Minor’s core values and a strategic sustainability pillar. With over 64,000 people employed directly and indirectly by Minor worldwide, we pledge to be a responsible employer through providing different forms of learning and development for our workforce and creating a safe and healthy workplace where people can sustainably develop and grow.

The “More You” program aims at creating these experiences to employees by offering a number of different activities such as wellness, education, and recreation as well as nurturing their sense of social responsibility. Our goal is to create a workplace that brings out the best capacities of our employees, while fulfilling them with rewarding benefits, development opportunities, and career growth. Ultimately, we seek to attract talents and to retain our qualified and capable employees.

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The company continuously invests in the support and development of children, youth, and underprivileged community members through community investment, commercial initiatives, and charitable donations in alignment with Business for Societal Impact (B4SI).

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Social Responsibility

We also promote “social responsible mindset” among our employees and peers by encouraging our businesses worldwide to undertake social responsibility activities in line with Minor’s Sustainability Strategy whilst creating positive social and environmental impacts.

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