Minor International Public Company Limited

Minor is fully aware of the interdependence of the company’s long-term success and the well-being of society and the environment. Hence, we continue to integrate the concept of “Shared Value Creation” into all our operations globally. Shared Value is one of Minor’s sustainability strategic enablers that aspires the company to generate simultaneous benefits for the business as well as society and the environment.

Minor Sustainability Awards

In 2016, Minor launched the “Minor Sustainability Awards” to encourage Minor businesses to showcase their sustainability initiatives that demonstrate “Shared Value” concept, benefiting the company, the society, and the environment. The announcement of winning teams and handover of awards, certificates, and seed fundings was arranged at Minor Awards nights in the following year.

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Sustainability Online Training

Minor continues to raise awareness on sustainability concept with our employees at all levels, aiming to enhance their competencies in embedding sustainability into their everyday work and life. Minor first introduced an animated “Sustainability 101” online training in 2019 to communicate the message that sustainability is relevant to everyone’s daily life and their actions can create positive impact to themselves, the company, the planet, and society as a whole.

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