Minor International Public Company Limited

Minor is conscious that the company’s long-term success and well-being of the society and the environment are interdependent. The concept of “Shared Value Creation” is one of Minor’s sustainability strategic enablers, and we aim to integrate this concept into all our operations globally. We continue to look for opportunities that bring competitiveness to our business while addressing social and/or environmental challenges.

Minor Sustainability Awards

Minor Sustainability Awards was first launched in 2016 to promote “Shared Value Creation” implemented by business units worldwide. The awards recognize business units which demonstrate best practices in embedding social and/or environmental impact into their business operations. The call for award applications was temporarily halted in 2020 and 2021 to give priorities to COVID-19 responses, but we plan to resume this in 2022. The development and progress of past winning initiatives are monitored and reported.

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Sustainability Online Training

Minor continues to communicate and educate our employees at all levels on the importance of sustainability. The Sustainability 101 Online Training was first launched in 2019 to relay the message that sustainability is relevant to everyone’s daily life, and their actions can create positive impact to themselves, the company, the society, and/or the environment. The first batch in 2019 comprised 8,115 groupwide Minor employees at the headquarter and operations in Thailand. After a halt in 2020, we resumed the training in 2021. Sustainability 101 training was translated into 7 languages and extended to Minor Hotels’ employees in 51 overseas properties. All 7,048 employees, from relevant properties completed the course in December 2021.

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