Minor International Public Company Limited

Minor is committed to creating a sustainable business through establishing long-term and sustainable partnerships with our key stakeholders in the value chain: our suppliers, business partners, and customers. Strong relationships with these stakeholders are vital to the growth and the competitiveness of the company.


In upstream value chain, Minor focuses on sustainable supply chain by ensuring not only food safety and food quality of products and/or services but also compliances and management of environmental, occupational health and safety, and human rights aspects at suppliers' sites. We continue to deploy cost-efficient blockchain technology to enhance the procurement and payment processes, benefiting both Minor and our suppliers. We help to protect animal welfare, the environment, and the society by sourcing sustainable and certified materials.

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Business Partners

Minor's continued efforts in developing long-term and sustainable relationships with our business partners and our engagement with various trade and industry associations have proven valuable especially as we navigate through this challenging time. Minor's strong experience in hospitality and retail sector combined with our business partners' local expertise offers the synergies to sustain our business during the difficult times and exemplify future success.

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The upstream initiatives ensure that non-disrupted quality and safe supplies of food and/or services are provided to customers in downstream value chain. Minor pledges to enhance customer loyalty by uplifting guest experience and introducing cause-related campaigns to invite customers to take part in our contributions to the environment and the communities. The company has presented a new sustainability goal: “By 2024, each Minor Food brand offers at least one new healthy menu each year” in consideration of customers' increasing awareness and preference for health and wellness. In addition, Minor Hotels has formed partnerships with various wellness specialists to offer new services to our customers such as new integrative wellness and medical retreat and IV drip bar.

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