Minor International Public Company Limited

Minor is committed to driving positive change and creating sustainable business through establishing long-term and sustainable partnerships with our key stakeholders in the value chain: suppliers, business partners, and customers. These strong relationships with our key stakeholders are vital to the sustainable growth and the competitiveness of the company.


Minor continues its efforts in safeguarding food safety and quality of products and services as our top priority. In addition, we ensure compliances to environmental, occupational health and safety, and human rights legal regulations of our upstream suppliers are adhered to. We also source sustainable and certified materials to support animal welfare, the environment, and the society. Minor employs the blockchain technology to enhance procurement and payment processes that benefit both the company and suppliers.

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Business Partners

Minor realizes the importance of creating sustainable and long-term relationships with our business partners that drives mutual growth and success. We continue to combine Minor’s well-built expertise and knowledge in hospitality and retail with our business partners’ local proficiency to sustain and develop strong foundation and maximize our performance in the market. We also actively engage with related trade and industry associations to amplify collective voice for mutual business, social, and environmental goals.

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Minor vows to provide customers with quality products and/or services that can meet their expectations and desires. We aim to enhance customers loyalty by uplifting their experiences with our deep understanding of their demands and changing behaviors. With this understanding, we actively connect and engage with our customers through various channels to preempt and fulfill their needs. We also invite customers to participate in our contributions to the society and the environment with our cause-related marketing campaigns.

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