Minor International Public Company Limited


2024 AGM Notice
Enclosure 1 : 2023 Annual Report (Enclosure for Agenda 1 and Agenda 2)
Enclosure 2 : QR Code Downloading Procedures for documents related to a notice of the 2024 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and 2023 Annual Report
Enclosure 3 : Credentials and background of nominated directors (Enclosure for Agenda 4)
Enclosure 4 : Definition of Independent Director (Enclosure for Agenda 4)
Enclosure 5 : Remuneration of Directors for the year 2024 (Enclosure for Agenda 5)
Enclosure 6 : Credentials and background of Auditors (Enclosure for Agenda 6)
Enclosure 7 : Proxy form and details of an independent director who can be a proxy
Enclosure 8 : Articles of Association concerning the Shareholders Meeting
Enclosure 9 : Guidelines for Submission of Meeting Attendance Request Form (E-Request), Documents required in order to attend the Shareholders’ Meeting, Proxy Appointment for attending Annual General Shareholders' Meeting in the form of electronic meeting (E-meeting) and Privacy Notice
Enclosure 10 : Guidelines for attending of Electronic Meeting by Inventech Connect
Enclosure 11 : A copy of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders No. 30/2023

Criteria for Shareholders to Propose AGM Agenda Items

Criteria for Shareholders to Propose AGM Agenda Items and to Nominate Director 2024
AGM Agenda Proposal Form 2024
Director Nomination Form 2024