Minor International Public Company Limited

Top 10 Major Shareholders as of 06 March 2024

Rank Name of shareholders Number of shares Proportion of shareholding
1. Group of Heinecke Family1 1,927,227,389 33.99
2. Thai NVDR Co., Ltd.3 611,709,051 10.79
3. Mr. Niti Osathanugrah 555,384,428 9.80
4. South East Asia UK (Type C) Nominees Limited 195,343,500 3.45
5. The Bank of New York Mellon 149,859,715 2.64
6. State Street Europe Limited 136,055,098 2.40
7. Social Security Office 72,838,859 1.28
8. Raffles Nominees (Pte) Limited 63,237,085 1.12
9. Mrs. Somporn Osathanugrah 48,438,298 0.85
10. Bangkok Rinvest Co., Ltd. 41,617,909 0.73


1 This list of shareholders is grouped under the Notification of SEC Kor Chor 17/2551 dated 15 December 2008,not Section 258 of the Securities and Exchange Act, B.E. 2535 (1992) (including any amendment thereof).

3 By investing in NVDRs, investors receive the same financial benefits i.e., dividends, right issues or warrants), as those whoinvest directly in a company's ordinary shares. The only difference between investing in NVDR and company shares is in regard to voting. (except for voting for delisting from the listed company of Stock Exchange of Thailand). This caused number of voting rights of the Company decrease which increase other shareholders voting rights increase in return. Please visit http://www.set.or.th/nvdr to update NVDR holders