Minor International Public Company Limited

Minor is dedicated to responsible business conduct, emphasizing strong corporate governance, effective risk management, and the protection of human rights. We have instituted a solid framework of governance, guidelines, and policies to ensure ethical and accountable business practices. Transparency and open disclosures are a fundamental part of our approach.

Corporate Governance

Minor recognizes the significance of corporate governance in influencing our performance, reputation, relationships with stakeholders, and long-term sustainable growth. Proper governance mitigates risks such as financial mismanagement and regulatory non-compliance while providing opportunities for improved decision-making, transparency, and fostering of trust among investors, customers, and other stakeholders. Minor’s Corporate Governance Guidelines are published on our website.

Risk Management

Risk management is integrated into all Minor’s operations where risk culture is promoted and supported. For more details, please see Risk Management.

Human Rights

Minor is firmly committed to upholding human rights principles, ensuring respect for all stakeholders as guided by our Human Rights Policy. We prioritize the well-being and dignity of every individual in our operations and supply chain, adhering to strict standards to foster a culture of respect and equality. Our Policy reflects our dedication to conducting business with integrity and openness, aligning with universal human rights as outlined in international standards and regulations. Applicable to Minor International PCL and entities that it owns and controls, we encourage stakeholders throughout the value chain to embrace these principles.

To effectively prevent and mitigate potential human rights risks, Minor conducted Human Rights Due Diligence to identify human rights issues within our operations and supply chain. This process enables us to address potential gaps and implement necessary measures to uphold human rights standards, promote ethical conduct, and foster a culture of respect and dignity across our company. and implement necessary measures to uphold human rights standards, promote ethical conduct, and foster a culture of respect and dignity across our company.

The Corporate Sustainability Department works with various functions to monitor potential human rights risks within our operations and value chain through various channels on a regular basis such as assisting HR personnel to validate potential human rights related issues that came through Whistle Blower channel or from Employee Engagement Survey results. This dual-departmental approach underscores Minor's commitment to upholding the highest standards of human rights and ethical conduct, ensuring that our business practices are not only compliant with global standards but also aligned with our core values of respect, integrity, and transparency.

Supply Chain Management

Minor’s Sustainable Supply Chain Management program promotes environmental stewardship and social responsibility by enforcing stringent compliance requirements for our suppliers. It guides our supply chain management efforts and encourages responsible practices among our suppliers.

The Sustainability Committee, comprising C-Suite Officers and senior management across all business units, guides the Sustainable Supply Chain Management Program's development and execution. The committee convenes quarterly to strategize, monitor progress, and allocate resources towards achieving our sustainability objectives.

We are implementing country-level and sector-specific ESG risks to identify and address potential supplier risks. To address ESG risks associated with key commodities, Minor prefers certified materials underscoring our commitment to sustainable and ethical sourcing. Click here for details of Supply Chain Management Strategy and Sustainable Supply Chain Management Program.

Responsible Products and Services

Minor is dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional experiences. Prioritizing our customers' health and safety is fundamental to our operations. Additionally, we place significant importance on customer relationship management, recognizing our customers as valuable sources of feedback and opportunities for improvement. We actively engage with our customers, promptly addressing their feedback to refine our offerings. Furthermore, we involve our customers in cause-related marketing campaigns, enhancing our connection with them while highlighting our commitment to social and environmental responsibilities. This strategy not only strengthens our brand reputation but also fosters customer loyalty.