Minor International Public Company Limited

Mr. Emmanuel Jude Dillipraj Rajakarier

Mr. Emmanuel Jude Dillipraj Rajakarier

Director / Group Chief Executive Officer

Director (Appointed 14 November 2008)

Group Chief Executive Officer


55 years (Born in 1965)

Educational Credential
  • Master of Business Administration, UK
  • Bachelor of Computer Systems Analysis & Design, Sri Lanka
  • Director Certificate Program (DCP) Class 103/2008, Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD)
Other Current Positions
  • Chief Operating Officer of Minor International Pcl.
  • Chief Executive Officer and Director of Minor International Pcl.'s subsidiaries
No. of Director Position
  • Listed Company 3 Companies (including 1 Listed Company in Sri Lanka and 1 Listed Company in Spain)
  • Non-Listed Company 82 Companies
  • Deputy Chief Financial Officer of Orient-Express Hotels, Trains & Cruises
  • Group Financial Controller of Easi Solutions Pcl.
  • Financial Controller of Le Piaf Restaurants
  • Financial Controller of Desert Express Ltd. T/A Monte’s, London, UK
  • Financial Controller/Group Accountant of London Wine Bars Ltd.
% of Shareholding as of 31 December 2020
  • MINT:  14,848,624 shares or 0.32% of paid up shares
  • MINT-W6: - None -
  • MINT-W7: 668,726 units