Minor International Public Company Limited

Sustainability Goals and Performance 2021

Minor established an initial set of Sustainability Goals in 2018 which addresses our materiality topics as well as responds to 7 UN Sustainable Development Goals. The goals are tracked, updated, and added according to business relevancies and global sustainability trends.

In 2021, Minor has achieved a total of four long-term sustainability goals, one under “People” and three under “Planet”: 1) 1 million people developed and supported by 2023, 2) 20% reduction in energy intensity for Minor Hotels by 2023 (Baseline 2016), 3) 20% reduction in carbon dioxide emission for Minor Hotels by 2023 (Baseline 2016), and 4) 20% reduction in water intensity for Minor Hotels by 2023 (Baseline 2016).

In addition to our accomplishment of the above four long-term goals, three annual goals were also achieved: 1) 50% internal promotion of management levels each year, 2) Minor International maintains annual “Excellent” CG scoring, and 3) 100% of employees trained on anti-corruption and Company Code of Conduct each year. We will continue to monitor our annual performance to ensure these targets are sustainably achieved.

With these achievements, we have revised one goal to stretch ourselves for greater impact. The “People” goal is extended to “3 million people developed and supported by 2030”.

Minor pledges to become a “Net-zero Carbon organization by 2050”, and endeavors to set a science-based target for the combination of scope 1 & 2 in 2022 by consolidating carbon inventory of business units under our operational control. As we undertake this exercise, we decided to delay the establishment of new group-wide energy, carbon dioxide emission, and water goals in 2021.

In addition to the revised goal, a new goal under “Planet” was also established for “50% reduction in organic waste to landfill for Minor Hotels by 2030 (Baseline 2021)”.

(1) Refer to MCU students in Thailand under Dual Vocational Education and Explorer programs, but does not include normal student interns
(2) Current scope includes Thailand and Australia’s local critical food and packaging suppliers and Minor Food Thailand’s project management suppliers
(3) As we have already made significant progress towards achieving the goal of “100% of Thailand and Australia local critical food & packaging suppliers assessed on sustainability risk”, we expanded the goal’s scope to include Thailand suppliers of Minor Food Project Management
(4) Details of the performance are presented in “Value Chain” under “Suppliers”
(5) Four of eleven key Minor Food brands offered at least one new sustainable or healthy menu in 2021:

  • Thailand: Sizzler, Burger King, The Coffee Club, and Dairy Queen
  • Australia & Middle East: The Coffee Club

(6) Details of the performance are presented in “Value Chain” under topic of “Customer”.
(7) The goals have been achieved with the inclusion of NH Hotel Group. No new goals are established in 2021 as science-based target of the combination of scope 1 and 2 and group-wide water goal will be set up in 2022.
(8) Include Thailand, Maldives, and Seychelles
(9) Measured by intensity (tons/total system sales in Baht million)
(10) From Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD) Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies.
(11) Applied to Thailand-based employees and Minor Hotels properties in Thailand and other 22 countries