Minor International Public Company Limited


  1. Refer to MCU students in Thailand under Dual Vocational Education and Explorer programs but does not include normal student interns.
  2. Measured by intensity (kWh/ room sold)
  3. Measured by intensity (MT CO2e/ room sold)
  4. Measured by intensity (Cubic meter/ room sold)
  5. Measured by intensity (tons/ total system sales in Baht million using fixed 2021 FOREX)
  6. Include Thailand and Indian Ocean
  7. From Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD) Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies
  8. Current scope includes all full-time and part-time employees from all business units in Asia Pacific, Africa, Indian Ocean, Middle East, and Brazil
  9. Current scope includes Thailand and Australia’s local critical food and packaging suppliers and Minor Food Thailand’s project management suppliers.