Minor International Public Company Limited

  1. 1967
    The founder, 17-year-old William Heinecke, founded two companies: Inter-Asian Publicity, an advertising agency, and Inter-Asian Enterprises, an office cleaning company.
  2. 1970
    Inter-Asian Publicity and Inter-Asian Enterprises were put under the umbrella of Minor Holdings, the name which represented William Heinecke’s legal status as a ‘minor’.
  3. 1978
    Minor International, named Royal Garden Resort Co., Ltd. At that time, was established with the opening of Royal Garden Resort Pattaya, the first hotel in the portfolio. Today, the hotel is known as AVANI Pattaya Resort & Spa.
  4. 1980
    Establishing Minor International and Its Core Businesses
    As the exclusive franchise, Minor introduced an international pizza brand to Thailand with the first outlet in Pattaya.
  5. 1982
    Minor Corporation, now Minor Lifestyle, was founded to engage in the manufacturing of household goods and distribution of lifestyle products in Thailand.
  6. 1988
    Going Public to Support Rapid Expansion
    Minor’s three businesses were listed separately on The Stock Exchange of Thailand as Royal Garden Resort Public Company Limited (RGR), The Pizza Public Company Limited (PIZZA) and Minor Corporation Public Company Limited (MINOR).
  7. 2001
    Building Owned Brands
    RGR acquired PIZZA and took the new name of Minor International Public Company Limited, with "MINT" as its acronym.
  8. 2001
    Minor developed its first own luxury hotel brand called Anantara. Minor developed its own pizza brand called The Pizza Company.
  9. 2005
    Significant steps were taken to expand hotel business outside of Thailand with the investments in Maldives and Subsequently Sri Lanka and East Africa.
  10. 2006
    Driving Business and Geographical Diversification
    Minor launched its first real estate development project, The Estates Samui, adjacent to its Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui.
  11. 2008
    The hotel management business debuted with the opening of Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort in Indonesia. Major investments were made in international restaurant brands, including The Coffee Club, Australia’s largest home-grown café’ group, and Thai Express, the Thai casual-dining restaurant concept from Singapore.
  12. 2009
    MINOR was merged into MINT, resulting in the three businesses under one umbrella.
  13. 2010
    Minor launched Anantara Vacation Club, the point-based timeshare business under its own brand.
  14. 2011
    The acquisition of Oaks Hotels & Resorts, the leading operator of serviced apartment business in Australia, was the first entry point of Minor’s hotel business into the country.
  15. 2012
    Minor made significant entrance into the restaurant business in China through the investment in Beijing Riverside & Courtyard, a distinctive restaurant chain specializing in Sichuan barbecue fish.
  16. 2014
    Minor expanded its presence in Africa with the acquisition of Mozambique portfolio and six hotels in Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Lesotho.
  17. 2015
    Minor’s geographical presence was expanded into Europe and South America with the acquisition of Tivoli Hotels & Resorts.
  18. 2017
    Minor’s hotel business entered into the UK with a significant investment in Corbin & King.
  19. 2018
    Minor Further expanded its footprint in Europe and Latin America with the acquisition of NH Hotel Group.
  20. 2019
    Minor acquired Chicken Time, a chain restaurant company, operating over 40 outlets in Thailand under the popular Bonchon chicken brand.
  21. 2020
    Minor further strengthened its high-end hospitality footprint in Europe with the expansion of the Anantara and NH brands through the operation of prestigious properties in prime locations previously under the Boscolo portfolio.
  22. 2022
    Acquired 50.1% stake in GAGA to expand into the beverage retail category.
  23. 2023
    Increased stakes in NH from 94.1% to 95.9%.
    Acquired additional 21% remaining shares of Bonchon Thailand.
    Acquired 100% stake in Sizzler brand franchisor worldwide excl. USA, Puerto Rico and Guatemala.