Minor International Public Company Limited

The Drive Culture - Defined

Joining Minor means you become a partner in a diverse, expanding global organization with limitless opportunities to thrive and achieve. You will be part of a customer focused, dynamic and competitive business in which you can shine and demonstrate your commitment by working closely with colleagues in our operations. Minor people achieve industry leading results because we understand what is happening inside and outside our business and know our competitors and colleagues thoroughly, allowing us to seize opportunities quickly. We grow our people, respect each other's experience and views, and put results ahead of ego.

At Minor we all know why we are here, we understand why we do what we do, and are committed to and passionate about what we want to achieve, we never sit back, instead seek out new challenges and ways to improve ourselves and our business. We are clear on our objectives and commit to and support each other through an instinct for achievement no matter what the barriers are, every time. We know what we need to get done, we seek new and dynamic ways to achieve and act, learn and share, and we expect things to change - and we change with them. We make quick decisions to capture new and evolving opportunities.

As Minor people we deliver what we promise ethically, as committed and in a systematic way, no short cuts; through our proactive individual and collective efforts. Together we collaboratively generate endless possibilities through our passion and tenacity for achieving results beyond what is expected. We do not compromise; we are free to improve the future; achieving the impossible by leveraging our different strengths. We do not make excuses, we eliminate obstacles and we make things happen through our passion. We strive to lead the market, see through complexity and go directly towards our objectives. Our culture is one of mutually understood shared goals and commitment, and the flexibility to adapt with emerging situations to keep ahead of the competition. When we succeed, we take time to enjoy the hard earned fruits of our effort and actions.