Minor International Public Company Limited

Minor Sustainability Framework

Minor’s Sustainability Framework is built upon the foundation of our five Core Values, and comprises of four Drivers: Driving People Development, Engaging in End-to-End Customer Experience, Committing to Long-term and Sustainable Partnerships, Managing Environmental Impact. These four Drivers are reinforced by two critical Enablers: Good Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Mindset.

  • Driving People Development
    • Drive to develop human resource capabilities and build good leaders within our organization and for the society
    • Implement multi-tiered approach – from laying foundation at community and youth levels, providing job opportunities, to developing skills and creating leaders with sustainability mindset
  • Engaging in End-to-End Customer Experience
    • Engage, understand, and educate our current and future customers to ensure their best interests are considered
    • Deliver best products and services while being mindful of societal and environment impacts, be it directly with customers, or through supply chain or marketing channels
  • Committing to Long-term &Sustainable Partnerships
    • Dedicate to building long-term, win-win and sustainable partnerships with various stakeholders
    • Ensure that our partners grow together with us, for mutual sustainable growth
  • Managing Environmental Impact
    • Commit to managing and creating positive environmental impact wherever we operate
    • Advocate biodiversity and natural heritage conservation
  • Social Responsibility Mindset
    • Encourage and foster a social responsibility mindset among our employees and with our partners
    • Develop individuals and future leaders who would achieve business results while being conscious about making positive impact to the environment and society
  • Good Corporate Governance
    • Build a strong platform for a sustainable organization by practicing good corporate governance in all business operations
Sustainability Strategy and Roadmap

At Minor, we develop a rolling 5-Year Sustainability Strategy which is endorsed by the Board of Directors at our annual strategic planning meeting. Our strategy is the vehicle which drives us towards achieving our Sustainability Vision, by converting our aspirations into actions. The strategy builds on our Sustainability framework and is aligned with Minor’s overall strategic direction. It is also aligned with relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals, as part of Minor’s support as a responsible corporate citizen.

During our annual strategy review process, we analyze global existing and emerging sustainability trends, and identify potential risks and opportunities arising from such trends. We then review potential impacts, and risk management initiatives, which are incorporated into our Sustainability Strategy and plans.

To achieve Minor’s Sustainability Vision of strengthening long-term capabilities and performance of the company through sustainability, we identified three Strategic Pillars as key driving forces:

  • 1) Develop capable and sustainable workforce pipeline;
  • 2) Drive for sustainable supply chain management practices and
  • 3) Manage environmental impact and advocate conservation.

Supporting these Strategic Pillars are two Strategic Enablers:

  • 1) Strengthen good corporate governance and responsible business culture; and
  • 2) Integrate and advocate sustainability best practices in Minor’s operations.

Strategic Pillars

Develop capable and sustainable workforce pipeline

Our Aims

  • Capable and responsible human resources developed for the organization and communities that we operate in globally

Our Plans

  • Support children and youth education and education facilities
  • Invest in youth and workforce development
  • Develop Minor’s talents and leaders into outstanding sustainability leaders
Drive for sustainable supply chain management practices

Our Aims

  • Minor’s Supply Chain Management as a strong channel to create positive impact to our stakeholders and society

Our Plans

  • Strengthen Supply Chain Management standards and procedures
  • Enhance and develop Supply Chain teams’ capabilities to become sustainability champions
  • Create Minor’s global supply chain learning communities for knowledge and best practices exchange
Manage environmental impact and advocate conservation

Our Aims

  • Minimal environmental impact incurred directly or indirectly from our operations
  • Minor’s businesses collectively serve as advocate of natural heritage and wildlife conservation initiatives, and education partner to our stakeholders

Our Plans

  • Establish and reinforce clear guidelines on environmental impacts for new projects and on-going operations
  • Measure and monitor environmental impacts
  • Enhance group-wide conservation focus on elephants, turtles and their habitats