Minor International Public Company Limited

We engage with key stakeholder groups including employees, customers, suppliers, local communities, NGOs, governments, creditors, and investors through surveys, interviews and regular multi-stakeholder forums to understand their views of Minor's most pressing sustainability impacts and dependencies.

Stakeholder engagement is embedded in the operations of our business units. Our process for identifying and engaging with stakeholder groups is based on their level of influence and impact on our business units, and vice versa. We engage with our stakeholder groups through various approaches, from casual day-to-day interactions, meetings, seminars, to formal surveys and questionnaires, to ensure their expectations are effectively met.

Internal stakeholder feedback is sourced from top management, executives, and the Board of Director. Material issues are presented for assessment of material risks and opportunities, as well as the scope and scale of potential impacts including financial, reputational, and business relationships.

Please refer to our Stakeholder Engagement Guideline for detailed approach to stakeholder engagement at operational level.

Stakeholder Engagement details
  • Engagement Approach
    • Face-to-face interactions
    • Interactions and feedback through social media, mobile applications and live chats
    • Customers engagement surveys, calls to customers support centers, emails to customers contact points
    • Monthly market research surveys
    • Monthly and quarterly brand surveys and audits
    • Dialogues, networking sessions and company visits
    • Events, exhibitions and fairs
  • Stakeholder Expectations
    • Product quality
      • Design, function task, convenience, safety, condition, cleanliness, healthy
      • Locally sourced or produced food and products
      • Sustainably-sourced or sustainably-produced products
    • Service quality
      • Responsiveness, reliability & consistency, empathy, assurance, adaptability, hygiene
    • Value for money
    • Value for time
    • Standards delivered in accordance with expectations and local regulations
    • Standards delivered in accordance with expectations and local regulations
    • Tailored experience e.g. treated as individual
    • Information and privacy protection
  • Minor’s Initiatives and Responses
    • Train competent staff to provide excellent customers service
    • Deliver brand standards, including hygiene and safety standards
    • Conduct quality assurance and control audits
    • Develop new products, services and delivery channels to address customers’ needs
    • Engage in social media and maintain company website
    • Conduct feedback survey and respond to feedback through various channels
    • Review promotions and prices
    • Practice integrity by following up on our words
    • Source locally and sustainably wherever possible.
    • Drive for sustainability in our operations
    • Develop and implement information security /cyber security / privacy protection policies and procedures
  • Engagement Approach
    • Annual employee engagement surveys, performance appraisals, and individual development plans
    • Regular dialogues and engagement sessions: “Appreciation Week” in hotels, onboarding sessions for new employees, manager meetings and conferences, weekly breakfast, annual staff parties, Townhalls
    • Regular webinars, trainings and site visits
    • Regular newsletters and intranet updates
    • Regular department meetings, company activities and events
    • Internal channels for employee complaints and whistle blowing
    • Student internship programs and Student Satisfaction Survey for student interns
    • CSR and sustainability - related activities for fostering social responsibility mindset
  • Stakeholder Expectations
    • Career security and development
    • Talent attraction and retention
    • Competitive compensation and benefits
    • Work-life balance
    • Appropriate working hours and corresponding payment
    • Respect and fair treatment
    • Opportunity for higher education while working
    • Occupational health, safety and well-being
  • Minor’s Initiatives and Responses
    • Establish Code of conducts, HR policies and procedures in compliance with applicable laws.
    • Establish Human Rights policy and initiate due diligence and monitoring
    • Annual reacknowledgement and trainings on Code of Conduct and Anti-corruption.
    • Reinforce good workplace behaviors, promote diversity, equity, and inclusion among team members through policies and internal communications.
    • Offer career path and competitive salary and benefits
    • Organize on-boarding programs for new employees
    • Provide training of international standards
    • Develop and implement talent management programs
    • Conduct annual employee engagement surveys and performance assessments
    • Improve workplace environment by providing health and well-being services
    • Organize regular employee engagement activities in each business unit
    • Provide channels for employee to safely voice their concerns
    • Organize Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities to foster social responsibility and enhance relationship among employees
Shareholder, Investor, and Creditors
Shareholders, Investors, and Creditors
  • Engagement Approach
    • Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)
    • Regular Investor Relations events, site visits, and road shows
    • Quarterly and other scheduled analyst meetings
    • Meetings and dialogues with financial institutions and bondholders on financial needs and business status
    • Regular press releases website and shareholder email updates
  • Stakeholder Expectations
    • Good business performance and return on investment
    • Good liquidity management
    • Good corporate governance
    • Consideration of ESG in business strategy, operations, and financial instruments
    • Good risk and crisis management
    • Transparency of business information
    • Timely and accurate disclosures
    • Compliance with all agreed terms and conditions, payment schedules and all obligations
    • Effective communication with shareholders, investors and creditors
    • Opportunity to express opinion on business performances
    • Response to climate change - e.g. waste management, GHG emission, water usage in compliance with regulations and beyond
    • Sustainable supply chain
    • Proper monitoring of human rights and occupational health & safety
  • Minor’s Initiatives and Responses
    • Publish Annual Reports and Sustainability Reports
    • Deliver business performance and pay dividends where possible, manage liquidity, repay debt obligations
    • Provide transparent and timely company updates through The Stock Exchange of Thailand, and other events or easy access channels including Minor’s own website
    • Commitment to sustainable development including climate change issues and human rights issues.
    • Continue to establish and update good CG related policies and standard operating practices
    • Obtain certification as member of Thai Institute of Directors’ Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption
    • Invite shareholders to suggest AGM agenda and to participate in discussion at AGM
    • Collaborate with financial institutions to explore opportunities for ESG-linked financing
    • Ensure continual and clear dialogues with shareholders, investors and creditors especially during the time of economic uncertainty
Business Partners
Business Partners
  • Engagement Approach
    • Regular meetings
    • Bi-monthly Update by GM to franchisees
    • Quarterly regional meetings with franchisees
    • Annual (domestic & international) Franchise Conferences
    • Company events, CSR activities, sustainability project, annual survey
    • Conferences and meetings with brand principals
    • CEO and senior management communications with hotel owners, joint venture partners and other business partners
    • Hotel development team interactions and conferences for hotel owners
    • Annual Minor Awards event
  • Stakeholder Expectations
    • Creation of shared value and mutual business benefits
    • Knowledge sharing for business improvements, innovations in new products and services
    • Willingness to promptly provide support when issues occur
    • Business integrity, strategic leadership and long-term partnerships
    • Ready-to-use operations system with good brand reputation
  • Minor’s Initiatives and Responses
    • Review and discuss with business partners on value-creation initiatives
    • Send support teams to collaboratively work with partners to improve business processes and benefits
    • Review and update product innovations
    • Practice effective communication
    • Review and take immediate actions on any issues that occurred
    • Coordinate with relevant functions to build good branding
  • Engagement Approach
    • Regular meetings and site visits/audits
    • Regular supplier training programs and engagement activities
    • Supplier Conferences
    • Continuous supplier surveys
  • Stakeholder Expectations
    • Equal and fair treatment to every supplier
    • Clear and easy-to-understand orders and transparent procurement process
    • Clear and stable order commitment to producer/supplier
    • Advanced order or weekly/monthly forecast in order to prepare products/services in time
    • Flexibility to adjust prices of products/services offered
    • Willingness to innovate together
    • Long-term relationship
  • Minor’s Initiatives and Responses
    • Establish sustainable supply chain approach comprising of supplier selection, risk assessment and audit including supplier development and capacity building
    • Implement group-wide Business Partner Code of Conduct
    • Conduct Supplier Survey
    • Review and improve procurement process and communication to meet mutual needs
    • Share knowledge and technologies to improve procurement processes
    • Explore opportunities to innovate with current and new suppliers for improved products
    • Review and take immediate actions on any issues that occurred
    • Organize Supply Chain Conference to update suppliers on Minor International’s businesses and supply chain trends
    • Regular management participation in meetings with suppliers in order to present business picture, understand problems and mutually create business plan
  • Engagement Approach
    • Regular site visits and meetings with community leaders
    • Engage with community members through job offering/ sourcing and other community development activities
    • Member of municipal or community committee
  • Stakeholder Expectations
    • Job creation
    • Partnerships in community development for economic, social and environmental progress
    • Reduction of negative social and environmental impacts
    • Respect the local way of living
    • Listening to the community’s voice and communicate with local community regularly
  • Minor’s Initiatives and Responses
    • Act as a responsible member of the community
    • Provide local employment and local business support
    • Engage in local procurement and contractor services
    • Develop community-related projects
    • Educate, encourage and support local community on conservation activities
  • Engagement Approach
    • Press releases, interviews and meet-the-press events
    • Integrated communication approach both offline and online media
  • Stakeholder Expectations
    • Information and news on Minor International’s businesses such as expansion plans and strategy
    • Exclusive interviews with high-level management after important announcements
    • Transparent disclosure of information
  • Minor’s Initiatives and Responses
    • Engage regularly with media
    • Invite media to on-site visits
    • Ensure transparency and integrity of declared information
  • Engagement Approach
    • Regular ministry meetings and government events including on-site visits
    • Committee member of government-initiated projects
    • Executives’ participation in government seminars as speakers or lecturers
    • Participle in industry or location - based associations which communicates to different government units.
  • Stakeholder Expectations
    • Partnership in government programs
    • Involvement in new public policies, government initiatives, and best practice sharing
    • Participate in local or national government initiatives
    • Environmental protection
  • Minor’s Initiatives and Responses
    • Develop Public-Private Partnership programs to support government initiatives
    • Share best practice programs with relevant ministries
    • Participate in government initiatives as applicable.
Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)
  • Engagement Approach
    • Regular NGO visits, workshops, seminars, partnership meetings, emails and other correspondences
  • Stakeholder Expectations
    • Response to climate change e.g. biodiversity conservations, waste management, GHG emission, water usage in compliance with regulations
    • Human rights
    • Sustainable supply chain
    • Animal welfare
    • Response to social needs
    • Partnerships, co-CSR programs and campaigns, donations, advocacy
  • Minor’s Initiatives and Responses
    • Discuss issues and follow up on potential partnership agreements, sustainability development programs, action plans and fundraising activities