Minor International Public Company Limited

Sustainability Strategy

Minor's Sustainability Strategy aligns business priorities with ethical imperatives to drive progress towards our vision to be a leader in delivering sustainable performance that create positive impacts for our stakeholders and the environment. Our sustainability strategy has received endorsement from our Board of Directors. It serves as framework, guiding our efforts that are aligned with best practices and the latest climate science.

Each year we conduct a strategy review that analyze both prevailing and emerging global sustainability trends, potential impacts and opportunities, and risk management needs. This forward-looking assessment informs sustainability goals setting, strategic direction and initiatives across the company. Through on-going stakeholders' engagement and Double Materiality Analysis, we have developed our sustainability strategy centered around three areas of impact: people potential, natural capital, and responsible business.

People Potential

We are dedicated to creating inclusive and equitable workplaces that prioritize career and self-development, as well as safety and well-being, thereby strengthening our team members — the driving force of our growth. In regions where we operate, we strive to generate jobs, engage in local sourcing, and offer eduction and training opportunties to empower communities. Our goal is to extend opportunites to communities where we operate.

Natural Capital

We pledge to become net zero by 2050. We have implemented integrated strategies to conserve resources, reduce emissions and waste, and protect biodiversity across our operations and supply chains.

Responsible Business

We are committed to best-in-class corporate governance, integrity, and transparency. Working with our suppliers and business partners, we drive accountability to protect human rights and support climate actions to create lasting impacts across our markets