Minor International Public Company Limited


2022 AGM Notice
Enclosure 1 : 2021 Annual Report (Enclosure for Agenda 1 and Agenda 2)
Enclosure 2 : QR Code Downloading Procedures for documents related to a notice of the 2022 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and 2021 Annual Report
Enclosure 3 : Credentials and background of nominated directors (Enclosure for Agenda 4)
Enclosure 4 : Definition of Independent Director (Enclosure for Agenda 4)
Enclosure 5 : Remuneration of Directors for the year 2022 (Enclosure for Agenda 5)
Enclosure 6 : Credentials and background of Auditors (Enclosure for Agenda 6)
Enclosure 7 : Proxy form and details of an independent director who can be a proxy
Enclosure 8 : Articles of Association concerning the Shareholders Meeting
Enclosure 9 : Guidelines for Submission of Meeting Attendance Request Form (E-Request), Documents required in order to attend the Shareholders’ Meeting, Proxy Appointment for attending Annual General Shareholders' Meeting in the form of electronic meeting (E-meeting) and Privacy Notice
Enclosure 10 : Guidelines for attending of Electronic Meeting by Inventech Connect
Enclosure 11 : A copy of the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders No.28/2021