Minor International Public Company Limited

As a global company with 532 hotels, 2,370 food outlets, 459 lifestyle points of sale, and 6 factories in 63 countries across the continents, Minor has the obligation to minimize impact of our presence to the environment and the surrounding communities, from design, construction, operations, and renovation. In response to the climate change, we strive to efficiently utilize natural resources such as raw materials, water, and energy. We are also mindful of our discharges and emissions such as waste, wastewater, and greenhouse gases, and try to manage and minimize them where possible. In addition, we support biodiversity protection especially in the areas where we have footprints.

Environmental Management

We strive to efficiently utilize natural resources including raw materials, energy, and water, while being mindful of our discharges and emission such as waste, wastewater, and greenhouse gases and trying to manage and minimize them where possible. We continue to drive our efforts through the “4R” approach: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle natural resources and discharges, and Replace existing materials with more environmental and sustainable alternatives. We also promote environmental friendly or green initiatives including renewable energy, where applicable. In addition to our own operations, we monitor our key suppliers’ compliances to relevant environmental legal requirements via Sustainable Supply Chain initiatives.

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Biodiversity Conservation

We also promote biodiversity conservation. Over 50 properties of Minor Hotels are in, adjacent to, or derive income or reputation from natural-protected or ecologically significant areas or playing a significant part in the life cycle of IUCN Red List species. The proximity to nature is one of the key attractions that bring guests to our hotels. Therefore, it is imperative that we protect the biodiversity of where we operate. We set a long-term goal requiring all these nature-based properties to implement at least one long-term conservation initiative. We believe this goal will steer us towards creating positive and sustainable impacts to the environment and providing us with opportunities to engage our guests and communities in our conservation efforts. Though our hotels were heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, we maintained our efforts to ensure “Life on Land” and “Life below Water” are protected and conserved to the extent of our capabilities.

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